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Thursday, October 10, 2019

life lessons learned from the Lucin Cut-off

I'm compiling the chapter in my book "Death At The Station".
There are many things we can learn from this Railroad trestle.

1. Nothing is impossible.  If you have the heart and the drive and a plan. Stick with it and the people who told you "It can't be done" or "You can't do that" "You'll never succeed." Prove them wrong. Just like the Lucin-Cut off  IT CAN BE DONE. You can do it.
     There were many people who said the Cut off would not work.   A trestle at that length built on sandy, salty, unstable base not to mention the 10-foot waves that would crash into it during a storm. It will never work.  It will be cost prohibitive, the amount of money put into building the trestle will never be recouped.
      They were all wrong. The cost ended up to be over eight million dollars, but In January, 1904 the Southern Pacific was at full bore and saved $61,000 in operating costs compared to the same month in 1903.  The cut-off would pay for itself in eight years.

2. Storms can be weathered. A storm in life may tear you apart, break you to pieces, but those pieces can be put back together and you'll be stronger.  So strong that a freight train can zoom across  and make it to the other side.

The storms out on the Great Salt Lake are wicked.  Waves can reach up to 10 ft, it can take a small boat and swallow it up.  Bigger boats were dashed into the tressle damaging both

3. Sometimes we need to let them go.   We've all had people in our lives that we give and give and give to, they are never satisfied.  These are the negative people that can suck you dry and make your foundation unstable.  These are the people we need to let go of in our lives.

Rambo was suppose to be a telegraph station along the Lucin cut off.   There was a sink hole so voracious rocks and fill were dumped into it 24-7.   70,000 Railroad car loads of rocks and dirt were poured into this one spot in the Great Salt Lake.   They were trying to build a   but the bottom of the lake was just too unstable.

4. Sometimes it just isn't the right time for our dreams to come true.  We have our goal and our plan of how to achieve that goal, but then things get in the way.  An illnes,

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