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Friday, March 15, 2019


    Photo courtesy of the Historic Union Station in Ogden, Utah

Introduction to


Ogden's Utah's Union Station

Compiled by Robin Westover

     One of my hobbies, and at times profession, is ghost hunting. All though we prefer to be called paranormal investigators. Where I’m from hunting usually involves a shotgun, mountains, a truck and bringing something home.

    In the field of paranormal investigation, we prefer NOT to bring anything home. 
Somethings the two have in common are sitting around and waiting, and sometimes you get something, sometimes you don’t. 

     Ogden Utah’s Historic Union Station is a favorite for investigators. 90% of the time something paranormal happens, hair is pulled, people are pushed, we hear children giggling,  men walk the halls and there are strange reflections in windows. Some even say a young woman comes to dance with men and then swears at them when the dance is over. Those stories will be in another At The Station publication.
   Unfortunately, spirits do not introduce themselves. That is where I come in. My job in the paranormal field is Para-historian. I research a specific place or area to find those people that have perished in one way or another. Then we try to match them up with the spirits we encounter.
   After finding over one-hundred fifty deaths in or around the area, including those brought to the station already deceased, Union Station’s business manager Tracy Ehrig suggested we publish the findings. That is what this book is about and why I published it.
      But this book serves other purposes as well. One hundred and fifty years of history have taken place on that plot of land. From the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 to the era of the Amtrak, to present-day Front-runner.

       This book can also be used for family history purposes. You may find the story of the death of a family member, names are listed in the contents.

 All of these incidents are true.
 Whatever the reason you are reading this book, I hope you enjoy

Death At The Station.

Available on Amazon Sept. 30, 2019

    If you are interested in having your own paranormal experience, Union Station hosts Night At The Museum every October. Where you become the ghost hunter. Only once a year are you able to go into the basements and other places not usually open to the public and who knows, you may see me there.  For more information go to 

  If you experience something while there, please share it with me. It may be included in the next book Ghosts At The Station. A book of true ghost stories from Ogden Utah's Historic Union Station.

Thank you
Robin Westover

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