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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fearful Fatality

Ogden Standard 1882-06-10

     About six o'clock, last night a fearful fatal accident occurred at Market Lake, Idaho, on the Utah Northern Railroad.  The particulars as far as our reporter could learn, were as follows:

      It appears that at the station above-named, the freight and passenger trains meet; the freight rests to let the express pass.  They met, as usual, last evening, and after the passenger had moved forward, the freight train put on steam and continured its trip to the North.  While the train was in motion, the conductor, a young man named Wyatt Poole, in attempting to get on the cars, slipped and fell to the platform and was thrown beneath the ponderous wheels and mangled in a fearful manner.
     Both legs were severed from the body.  Of course, the alarm was given, the engine was reversed, and the train was stopped as quickly as possible.
      The unfortunate young man was taken from under the machinery, and all that could be done for his relief was done, but without avail - he died shortly afterwards.
       The deceased was a youth of good character.  He was, we believe, born in Ogden; he was well respected by all who knew him.   His father, Mr. John R. Poole, was for many years a resident of this city, and was formerly the owner of the property known as the "Globe Hotel."
        We are sure that Mr. Poole and family have the sympathies of their numerous friends and former fellow citizens of this place in this sad and serious misfortune.

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