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Friday, March 7, 2014

Random Weird Things in Utah Histoy

Just after I posted this I saw a news story that was much more interesting.  It didn't happen here in Utah as most of my posts do but it was far better a story for those with a macabre mind like mine.


Ogden Standard 1894-08-17


Information was received today by the standard that the remains of an unknown man had been found by some boys lying with the head pillowed on a kind of cushion in a shady nook near the Baldy Watch, a stream some five miles south east of Huntsville and South of the Langsdorf ranch, on the afternoon of august 16th.  The body was badly decomposed and deceased had evidently been dead for at least a week.
  When the news of the discovery was brought to Huntsville it caused intense excitement.  The authorities have started to the scene of death, but as the Standard goes to press the result of their investigation is unknown.  Mr Angus Wright, of W. H. Wright sons and Co.  who had been to Huntsville on business, and who was interviewed regarding the ghastly find stated that from the meager particulars learned of by him it is probable the dead man may have been a camper-out as he was fairly well dressed and was thought to be a Scandinavian by birth.

Ogden Standard 1894-08-18

Jess G. Langsdorf came down from Huntsville this morning with the bottle which was found with the remains of the dead man discovered near there, as reported exclusively in the Standard yesterday, to have the contents analyzed by a chemist.  No further particulars have been developed in the case.

July 13, 1889  Milford Utah

A lamentable accident occurred on the Utah Central near Milford early Saturday morning, resulting in the death of a young man named Stephen Stephenson.  The first announcement of the sad affair in Salt Lake city was the following telegram, received by Hon. John Sharp.
     "Milford, Utah,  July 13 1889.  Steve Stephenson, one of the train hands south of Juab, was killed this morning.  He was riding on the back of the tender after putting the freight on a switch, and must have been crossing the draw head when he fell off the tender.  Part of the engine passed over his body.  One leg
was cut off, his bowels cut open and several bad cuts made about his head.  He died instantly.  His parents and family live at Levan."
   An inquest was held at Milford, the result being announced in the following dispatch:
"The coroner's verdict is that Stevenson came to his death by falling from the tender of an engine, the same passing over him, while in the performance of his duty and that no blame can be attached to anyone."
      The Utah Central sent a special down with a coffin, and the body will be taken to Levan for interment.
-Deseret News.

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