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Monday, March 17, 2014

112 Years Ago Today

       112 years ago today, March 17, 1902  a project started that was so monumental it was touted as one of the most ambitious and successful engineering feats of the era, a herculean project.

"one of the most remarkable and courageous engineering accomplishments of the time."
Thomas Edison wrote: "Certainly a bold piece of engineering and well worth seeing."

It is still viewed today as a monumental achievement by engineers

Nay-sayers said it was not possible. 

 It would take two years to complete, with over 3,000 men working around the clock, that also had to be housed and fed,  almost unfathomable amounts of rock, gravel and timber were used. 
Over 500,000 gallons of water per day had to be brought in.
Estimated cost $3,000,000,   final cost, over $8,000,000,  today that would equal $22,000,000 

Do you know what it is?


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