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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Warning content may be unsuitable for some readers. "Pieces Of Me"

Deseret Evening News, 1897-09-09

  Ed Gast, a breakeman at Kern City Cal. fell under a moving train Monday evening while coupling cars and was instantly killed.  The train cut the body into several pieces.  It is believed Gast caught his foot in a frog or stumbled. 

Definition:  FROG 
A frog is where the track switches to another track for a train to go a different direction or to get on a side track.  The tracks resemble frogs legs.  Pictures and how a frog switch works can be found on wikipedia

Deseret Evening News, 1890-10-24 

A shocking accident resulting in the death of James Stewart by falling between two cars, occurred late Wednesday night at Morgan.
  The unfortunate man was somewhat addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors, and when ever he could raise the necessary funds was generally under its influence.
  Late Wednesday night as the downward bound Union Pacific freight train, which is due in Ogden some time after 11 o'clock pulled into Morgan a small settlement in Weber Canyon, Stewart came up to the cars, and being under the influence of liquor made several unsuccessful attempts to board them.  As the train came to a standstill he at last succeeded in climbing between two cars and sat perched there.
  After remaining in the yard some time the conductor gave the starting signal and the engineer opened the throttle.  The train started forward with a sudden lurch and Stewart toppled and fell fairly in front of the wheels of the then rapidly moving cars.  The remainder of the train passed over his body completely severing it through the abdomen.
  The sight as the yard men gathered around the remains, was ghastly in the extreme; there the body lay before them in two pieces.  The fragments were gathered up and an inquest was held.
  The Jurors fully exonerated the railroad company and gave as their verdict that deceased came to his death by accidentally falling between the cars.  The corpse was buried yesterday afternoon at Morgan
  Steward leave no family, never having been married. 

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