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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lost Their Heads

Deseret Evening News, 1897-06-17

 While returning from a firemen's picnic at Mesa City, Arizona on Monday, Miguel Barba met death in a horrible manner.  While standing on the platform of the moving train he leaned out and his head struck a telegraph pole, mangling him in such a manner that he died within an hour.

Box Elder News, 1903-05-21

Last Sunday evening May 15th Mr. John W. Harding of Willard a young man of 21 years of age was fatally injured near the O.S.L. depot.
   He in company with two or three other young men, were standing near the track, when a freight train came by Mr. Harding was struck in the back of the head, by a piece of timber hanging from one of the cars which fractured the bone back of  the ear rendering him unconscious in which condition he remained up to the time of his death which occurred Wednesday at 1 O'clock p.m.
  Mr. Harding is the son of Margret Harding and hi home has always been in Willard, where he leaves many relatives and friends to mourn his sad and untimely death.
  County attorney Perry decided an inquest was not necessary.

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