Man VS Train
It's history in a way you've never read before.

Warning: This post contains material that may be offensive to some.
Contains graphic material.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


 Death At The Station


Historical Union Station


Photo courtesy of  Ogden Union Station 


A. Dedication
B. Contents
C. Prologue

1.  Firsts
2.  Love and the Red Light-1897
3.  It Happened in Threes
4.  a New Century
5.  Snipes and Mills 1903

6.  Would the Real James Lynch Please. . . 1904
7.  1904-1917
8.  What's in the Trunk?
9.  1913-1917
10. War and Influenza 1918-1920
11.  1920 +
12. Odd Coincidences
13. The Unknowns

Part Two Lucine Cut Off

14. Promontory
15. Trestle
16.  Jackson
 17. Lemay
18. Bagley

19. The Rest Of The Story

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